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  9 yrs - designed and created clothes for my dolls

12 yrs - made my first dress with my amazing mom

15 yrs - did work experience at a funky retail clothing company

16 yrs - designed and sewed teddy bear clothes on industrial sergers

17 yrs - sewed and modeled gothic clothing line in Las Vegas

20 yrs - continued to make clothing for dance classes

22 yrs- made clothing for my firstborn child

23 yrs- discovered merino wool and dying techniques

24 yrs - was asked to start making clothes for my community

24 yrs-now.....passionately creating new clothing designs daily.


♥ Ali Genevieve is a mother first, then textile artist, dancer, gardener,

and community weaver. Truly inspired by nature her

designs are unique one of a kind expressions from her soul.

'Arriving each day in the studio is a gift and an honour to show up and

allow creativity to guide me.
I live alongside the Cowichan River with my amazing husband of

18 years and our 3 children, where we grow gardens, climb trees, swim,

 dance, and do a lot of dishes ;)
When she is not hanging out with her family and making clothing she is

off in the forest dancing. Check out her ecstatic dance company here





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