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FABRIC SOLD BY THE YARD. $25-$50 per yard




The benefits of merino wool are astonishingly amazing!


~odour resistant


~fire resistant

~regulates temperature

~stays warm when wet on the body


Our merino comes in many different weights and textures, from super soft and washable to boiled wool and interlocks, for coats and sweaters. We have beautiful base layers made from merino wool jerseys and much more.

Merino is a short fiber, its benefits far outweigh the fact that it can be susceptible to small holes and moths.  Making its lifespan shorter than plant based or synthetic fibers.



Fabric arrives in bolts, i then cut it into 3-4 yrd pieces. It is then dyed one piece at a time in a large pot of boiling water on my propane outdoor burners with the sound of the beautiful Cowichan River rushing by.

I use low impact Dharma Trading Dyes and food grade Citric Acid. I dye my wool until the water runs clear.  It is then put through a hot water, long cycle wash in the top loading machine which has the most agitation to preshrink and clean the fabric. Then it goes through a hot dryer cycle.  I neatly fold these pieces of merino wool rainbow delight and they wait for my next inspired moment to become a one of a kind ancientFUTURES design.


Care Instructions


Wearing animal fibre compared to plant fibre requires a different kind of care.

Shrinkage can occur if not cared for mindfully.

Delicate/Hand wash cycle in the washing machine, hang to dry.  Hand washing ensures no

shrinkage but can cause some stretch.   If this occurs you after it has hung to dry

you can place in dryer for 5-15 minutes timed cycles to tighten the fibres,

especially if it is a felted piece.

For our hand dyed items, we use low-impact dyes from dharma trading.  

We recommend you wash your garment alone the first 2-3 times and do not wear

white beneath the hand dyed clothing art as sweat seems to react to the dyes causing them 

leave residue on white under layers.

When hand washing, squeeze out excess water opposed to wringing out, this will prevent pinholes in the fabric.

Some of my newest wool is completely washable and will not shrink in the dryer.




Milled in Canada, China and the USA, please ask us for more details.

Made with OkeoTex, GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) and NOP (National Organic Program) certified yarns and all textiles are NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement)Certified!

Some of our Bamboo/Cotton is not certified organic cotton. Please ask for details.



If you’re not completely happy with your purchase, please let me know why so I can try to make sure you’re not disappointed again.

0-14 days = FULL CASH REFUND

If for any reason you need to exchange an unwanted item, simply contact me, FULL CASH REFUND within 14 days of receipt. Due to the nature of my small business i can only offer you an exchange or credit, from 14-30 days providing that the goods are in perfect condition and have all their original tags. ancientFUTURES is not responsible for any shipping costs to return your product.

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